Plans are now well advanced to plant a lot of trees in the border counties of Ireland to commence during National Tree Week March 1-8. Forest Friends are donating 500 oak trees and the Tree Council of Ireland 300 trees.

We welcome any other offers of trees. We are in contact with local authorities local communities and others to make this a special year for the Peace forest. 

Help in the form of land for planting, trees, transportation, ideas are all welcome.   

For more information email info@forestfriends.ie or jjhaughton@gmail.com

Protecting the Celtic rainforest

Posted by admin on 09/12/15, 12:30:19
Llennyrch forest, Wales
The rainforest of Llennyrch surrounds the clear and cool Afon Prysor with waterfalls and cascading pools (Photo: M Townsend/WTML)

Hidden among the lush green hills of Snowdonia, at the bottom of a gorge so steep it may never be fully explored, lies a strip of rare, ancient woodland.

This is Llennyrch - 100 acres of magical, mysterious and incredibly scarce Celtic rainforest surrounded by 400 acres of spectacular Welsh farmland.

The British Woodland trust are running a campaign to purchase the land and have this ancient forest protected for future generations.




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Trees worldwide have fallen 46% since the dawn of human civilisation

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... "Sweden has the most trees per square kilometre at 69,161, with Brunei second at 62,333. Ireland has 10,088 trees per square kilometre. If measured as trees per head of population, Sweden has 3,200, Brunei 856 and Ireland 154."

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A Rocha Ghana

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Established in 1999, as Eden Conservation Society, A Rocha Ghana (ARG) was established in 1999 as the Eden Conservation Society. Today ARG is a committed environmental NGO providing practical conservation interventions contributing to the sustainable management of habitats.

You can read about ARG projects over at their web site http://ghana.arocha.org
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Working In A Forest

Posted by admin on 08/24/15, 17:10:25

Prisciani Grammatica

This 6th century Irish poem is a beautiful image of working in a forest surrounded by bird song and nature. It is written in the margins of the Irish Priscian manuscript of St. Gallen, which is now in the monastery of St. Gall in Switzerland.

Over me green branches hang
 A blackbird leads the loud song
  Above my pen-lined booklet
   I hear a fluting bird-throng

The cuckoo pipes a clear call
 Its dun cloak hid in deep dell:
  Praise to God for his goodness
   That in woodland I write well

(translated by Maire Mac Neill)

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Heritage Week 2015

Posted by admin on 08/11/15, 13:55:21
Heritage Week 2015
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