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The Wheel

Provides Support, Advocacy and leadership for community and voluntary activity
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Active link

Online network for Irish Non-profit organisations
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Action Aid Ireland

Irish Action Aid - Human rights and right to education and anti-poverty site.
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The International Association of Electronics Recyclers

The IAER was formed to represent and serve the interests of the electronics recycling industry as a key element in the development of an effective and efficient infrastructure for managing the life cycle of electronics products. One area, in particular, t
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An Bord PLeanala

Irish Planning Appeals Board.
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People and PLanet

this site discusses the widest possible list of pressures on the resources of the Earth, including the rainforests, eco-tourism and population's exponential growth. It offers solutions under many different categories.
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Cork Environmental Forum

Cork, Ireland, Local Agenda 21 Forum promoting public participation in planning and environmental conservation and sustainable lifestyles.
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An Irish environmental organisation which was set up following the suspending of the Greenpeace Irish Branch, with the intention of carrying our the same functions, including campaigns on key environmental issues.
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Comhar is the forum for national consultation and dialogue on all issues relating to sustainable development in Ireland.
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Enkosin Eco Experience

Conservation work on wildlife projects and reserves in Southern Africa
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Environmental Defense

Corporate partnerships for environmental protection
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ecology building society

ecology building society
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Ecology Building Society

ecology building society
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power of one

sustainable living
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environmental employment/job search
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sustainable development council

all aspects of sustainable development
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ecotourism and environmental conservation
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biodiversity eco tours.
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amazonia- eco holidays
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ecotourism kenya

ecotourism kenya
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responsible travel
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responsible travel

responsible travel
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