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Genetic food conspiracy

The Genetically modified foods conspiracy with video presentations
submitted: 03/13/08, 13:45:24  Broken Link ?

IPS News

World News covering a wide range of issues political, environmental and ethical
submitted: 11/29/07, 13:03:04  Broken Link ?

Centre for World INdigenous Studies

A US broadly based NGO which deals with and publishes reports about the rights problems and concerns of many indigenous peoples
submitted: 11/19/07, 13:15:10  Broken Link ?

Ireland's Druid School

Contains a lot of information about Druids in Ireland and important sacred sites and their meanings, including the Tara Skryne Valley at present being desecrated by the National Roads Authority which is forcing the M3 Motorway thourgh the valley contrary
submitted: 11/17/07, 14:09:35  Broken Link ?

Department Of Environment Heritage and Local Government

Irish Department of Environment Heritage and Local Government
submitted: 11/16/07, 16:18:10  Broken Link ?

Houses of the Oireachtas/Irish Parliament

Irish Parliament
submitted: 11/16/07, 16:12:07  Broken Link ?

US Senate

Web site of the US Senate
submitted: 11/16/07, 16:06:31  Broken Link ?


This site covers a very comprehensive range of world issues pertaining to climate change, sustainable living and accesses the performances of different key  countries. It includes publications and important links.
submitted: 11/15/07, 11:10:08  Broken Link ?

Wiser Earth

WiserEarth . . .
serves the people who are transforming the world. It is a community directory and networking forum that maps and connects non-governmental organizations and individuals addressing the central issues of our day: climate change, poverty, t
submitted: 11/14/07, 16:36:50  Broken Link ?

"Envio" - Magazine of the Central American University re Nicaragua

Newsletter which covers environmental and human rights in Nicaragua.
submitted: 11/14/07, 07:02:39  Broken Link ?

Nicaragua Environmental Destruction

The state of the environment in Nicaragua
submitted: 11/14/07, 06:52:31  Broken Link ?

Guardian Newspaper

Newspaper with comprhensive coverage of environmental issues
submitted: 11/13/07, 15:57:35  Broken Link ?

Interpress Service News Agency

International news including world environmental reports
submitted: 11/13/07, 11:30:11  Broken Link ?

East Timor and Indonesia Action Network

East Timor, Indonesia, West Papua human rights and environmental destruction of rainforests
submitted: 11/12/07, 13:04:52  Broken Link ?

Near 90 FM

Community co-operative radio programme broadcasting in North East Dublin fully lisenced from the Broadcasting Authority. the programme includes the environmental programme ENVIRO mondays 15.30 and tuesdays 9.00
submitted: 11/12/07, 12:49:15  Broken Link ?

Chief Joseph

submitted: 11/11/07, 14:52:07  Broken Link ?

Chief Joseph

Chief JOseph and The Flight of the Nez Perce
submitted: 11/11/07, 14:48:22  Broken Link ?

Chief Joseph

Chief JOseph and The Flight of the Nez Perce
submitted: 11/11/07, 14:47:15  Broken Link ?

Green Party

Green Party
submitted: 11/11/07, 14:37:15  Broken Link ?

Gandhian Institutes

All aspects of Gandhi's life including political, ecological, environmental and non-violence
submitted: 11/11/07, 14:12:16  Broken Link ?

Gandhian Institutes

Comprehensive web site covering all aspects of Gandhi's contributions including eclolgical environmental political and non-violence
submitted: 11/11/07, 14:07:26  Broken Link ?

earth love fund

aartists for the environment project
submitted: 11/11/07, 06:54:16  Broken Link ?

earth love fund

Artists for the environment project
submitted: 11/11/07, 06:51:57  Broken Link ?

Earth First

Direst Action approach to protecting the earth's wilderness and environment.
submitted: 11/11/07, 06:44:31  Broken Link ?


submitted: 10/15/07, 16:18:50  Broken Link ?

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