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Arena Flowers

A good overview of bee-keeping, a very important activity in the arena of world food production.
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Excellent photo gallery and information about different species of primates.Bookmark this excellent web site
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Dublin Naturalists field club

Irish Flora and fauna
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Discover Life

comprehensive index of wildlife with photographs
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environmental conservation/wildlife
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Animals Asia Foundation

Animals Asia is a Hong Kong-based charity, dedicated to ending cruelty and restoring respect for all animals in Asia.
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association against animal factories

association against animal factories
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association against animal factories

association against animal factories
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Irish Wildlife Trust

Irish Wildlife trust
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African Wildlife foundation

wildlife of Africa
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planet earth

extensive wildlife library
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Irelands Mammals

This new publication offers an accessible introduction to Irish mammals. Illustrated with high quality colour photographs and drawings, this book is an ideal reference for libraries and schools and includes a 20-page Irish language section.
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Butterfly Ireland

Butterfly Ireland
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'Irish Wildflowers', an on-line photographic reference and identification guide for everyone interested in the wildflowers growing in Ireland.
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The Dublin Naturalists' Field Club

Butterflies are sensitive to change and loss of habitat and are considered to be good indicators of climate change. So apart from being an intrinsic and important part of our natural heritage, they are also good 'indicator' species.
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