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The Maasai Association is a community-based non-profit organization and NGO based in Bellevue, WA and Kajiado Central District of Kenya. The organizationís humanitarian and relief work is aimed at providing education, medical and water systems development
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Slaine are a nationwide group of people committed to regenerating and documenting Ireland 's holy and sacred wells.
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Alliance ofsmall island states
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Poems of Rumi

Poems of Rume, Sufi philosophy, Islam spirituality.
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culltural survival

promoting rights voices and vision of ingigenous peoples
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indigenous peoples of the amazon basin

indigenous peoples of the amazon basin
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indigenous peoples and climate change

indigenous peoples and climate change
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integrating ireland

integrating ireland
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integrating Ireland

integrating ireland
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chipko movement India

chipko movement India
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survival international

the movement for tribal peoples
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The Movement  for Tribal peoples

Survival international, the movement for tribal peoples
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The web site for RAVI, kora player, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist

"Ravi, a walking testament to the success of multiculturalism"

On this site you will find information Neuneneu featuring Marlui Miranda, Ravi and Amazonian musicians.
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Friends of the Irish Environment

Friends of the Irish Environment was established in 1997 to create and maintain a network of conservationists and environmentalists in Ireland
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Biology.ie was set up in September 2005 to collect Natureís Calendar (or phenology) data from the public. This data (sightings of natural events such as the first appearance of leaves) is placed on a map of Ireland for all users of the site to view.
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aNSwer is an online register of environmental research being
undertaken in the island of Ireland.
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Thin Places

explore some of the most intriguing, spiritual places in Western Europe
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