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Organid Trust

The Organic Trust is the organic certification body of choice for the professional organic producer which is why the Organic Trust logo features on the bulk of Irish-produced organic products in Ireland
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European GMO-free Regions Network

European GMo Free Regions
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An Irish Non Governmental organisation,which has some 41 projects in Africa, South Americh, Asia and Eastern Europe, Bóthar establishes families in micro-farming units by giving them the living gift of a farm animal. However, this gift is only given as th
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Soil Association

The UK's leading environmental charity promoting sustainable, organic farming and championing human health.
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ecological building systems thermo hemp

Hemp its uses for clothes, building, oil, medicines
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The Hemp Trading company

The versatile end envirohnmentally friendly uses of hemp for clothing, building, insulation etc.
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The hemp company

The different use of hemp as a versatile plant, including saving trees and forests.
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compassion in world farming Ireland

compassion in world farming Ireland
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Irish Agriculture and Food Developoment Authority

Irish Agriculture and food development
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gm free ireland network

Genetically modified agriculture/foods/trees etc.
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family farm defenders

defence of famiily farms
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Rettet den Regenwald e.V

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SAVE Foundation

The conservation and promotion of rare livestock breeds occurs on more than one level. It is typically based on the three pillars of State, science and grassroots organisations. In the long-term, conservation will only be successful if the top-down and bo
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The Bio Dynamic Agricultural Association of Ireland

The Association's main objectives are twofold. Firstly we seek to develop, promote and disseminate knowledge of the Bio-dynamic methods inaugurated by Rudolf Steiner for the betterment of farming and gardening: secondly, we wish to support and promote the
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Irish Seed Savers

The ISSA is a voluntary organisation dedicated to the location and preservation of traditional varieties of fruit and vegetables. The Association maintains a seed bank which distributes seed of these non-commercially available vegetables, as well as a net
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