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Children's Rainforest

How school children saved a rainforest
submitted: 04/27/08, 04:53:55  Broken Link ?

Sustainable Forest Management

There ar now many organisations claiming to operate sustainable forestry management schemes. One such organisation is the Sustainable Forestry Management Limited. Eric Bettleheim has pointed out that forests store twice a smuch carbon as there is in the a
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United Nations tree planting project 2008

United Nations project to plant a billion trees in 2008 - excelllent site.
submitted: 01/08/08, 08:00:56  Broken Link ?

friends of the forest

Comprehensive information on forests of the US excellent web site
submitted: 12/31/07, 08:34:23  Broken Link ?

National Forest foundation

Invaluable information on all aspects of forests and forest trails in the United States- Great site.
submitted: 12/31/07, 08:31:45  Broken Link ?

Forest Stewardship Council

Site explaining what in simple terms,  the forest Stewardship council is.
submitted: 11/28/07, 13:37:29  Broken Link ?

Peru environmental issues

Environmental issues in Peru including rainforest destruction
submitted: 11/22/07, 17:01:40  Broken Link ?

Mining Watch Canada

Mining Watch Canada seeks to change public policy and mining practices to ensure the health of individuals, communities and ecosystems in Canada and throughout the world.
submitted: 11/18/07, 13:39:28  Broken Link ?

Global Greengrants Fund

The environemtal destructive effects of Gold mining on Ghana's rainforests
submitted: 11/18/07, 13:24:51  Broken Link ?

Ghana Forest Loss

Details of forest loss in the rainforests of Ghana
submitted: 11/18/07, 12:23:43  Broken Link ?

Rainforest People

Peoples of the Rainforests
submitted: 11/18/07, 12:21:09  Broken Link ?

Forestry About .com,

Ghana African and other rainforests
submitted: 11/18/07, 12:08:11  Broken Link ?

World Rainforest Information - Ghana

INformation about the Rainforests of Ghana
submitted: 11/18/07, 11:56:12  Broken Link ?

Convention on Biological Diversity

Forest Biodiversity all aspects of including destruction, rates of deforestation and importance of preserving forest biodiversity
submitted: 11/17/07, 12:27:52  Broken Link ?

Forest Peoples

Promoting the rights and lifestyles and
habitats of forest peoples.
submitted: 11/15/07, 11:57:58  Broken Link ?

The Greenbelt Movement

Major tree planting project initiated in Kenya by Nobel Peace prize winner Wangari Maathai
submitted: 11/14/07, 11:49:47  Broken Link ?

Andes-Amazon INitiative

Practical ways of saving the Amazon
submitted: 11/14/07, 11:44:38  Broken Link ?

World rainforest movement

world rainforest movement
submitted: 11/13/07, 12:15:38  Broken Link ?

rainforest Concern

Through this web site one can sponsor an acre of rainforest in South America.
submitted: 11/13/07, 12:03:36  Broken Link ?


Environmental destruction in Ecuador
submitted: 11/13/07, 12:00:01  Broken Link ?

Rettet den Regenwald/Rainforest Rescue

Founded in 1986, Rettet den Regenwald/Rainforest Rescue organises protests against the destruction of the Rainforests, supports NGOs. in their efforts in this regard, produces a magazine and info for schools and press
submitted: 11/13/07, 11:49:20  Broken Link ?

rainforestweb.org World rainforest information portal

Rainforests of the world
submitted: 11/12/07, 13:24:26  Broken Link ?

forestry stewartship council

sustainable forestry certification
submitted: 11/07/07, 15:04:00  Broken Link ?

children's rainforest

children's rainforest
submitted: 10/12/73, 09:26:32  Broken Link ?


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