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EU Emissions Trading

National Allocation Plans
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United Nations climate Change Conference

COP 15
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United Nations Framework convention on Climate Change

United Nations Framework convention on Climate Change
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Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
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Internation Energy Agency

Database of policies and measures
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World Meteorological organisation - Greenhouse Gas Bulletin

World Meteorological organisation - Greenhouse gas bulletin
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stop climate chaos

Irish Web site illustrating what the problem is and ways of coming to terms with what will otherwise be climate chaos.
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Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - a United Nations body with scientific representation from member states which has reached concensus with regard to what needs to be done to arrest the destruction of our environment, leading in to the UN Bali Cl
submitted: 11/17/07, 12:36:20  Broken Link ?

Friends of the Earth Ireland

climate change conservation and sustainable living
submitted: 11/13/07, 16:06:35  Broken Link ?

Friends of the Earth UK

climate change and sustainable living
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Irish Climate Analysis and research units
submitted: 11/11/07, 13:48:58  Broken Link ?


- Irish Climate Analysis and Research units
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Climate change in Wales

Contains a wealth of interesting resources about climate.
submitted: 11/08/07, 15:01:35  Broken Link ?

Youth Against Climate change

this is an attraactively presented site full of photographs, clear facts and ideas. There are also lesson plans, presentations and much more.
submitted: 11/08/07, 14:56:27  Broken Link ?


renewable energy
submitted: 11/08/07, 14:52:35  Broken Link ?


renewable energy
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Contains information about renewable energy and a set of educational resources organised by age. These indlude posters, activity ideas, presentations, worksheets and booklets.
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Marine Conservation Society

Contains photographs, illustrations and information about many sea creatures, with details of their habitats and way of life, along with details of the effect of climate change.
submitted: 11/08/07, 14:32:51  Broken Link ?

Greenhouse Gas Online

This site contains articles and facts gathered from the scientific press. A resources section includes several sets of useful slide shows.
submitted: 11/08/07, 14:27:34  Broken Link ?

American Environmental Protection Agency

this is the coimate change division of the American Environmental Protection Agency. The site offers current information about the subject, including a special section for children containing facts, games, suggestions, anumations and a set of resources fo
submitted: 11/08/07, 14:22:10  Broken Link ?

The Carbon Neutral Company

This organisation leads the way in fighting climate change by inviting individuals and business to take action to work towards becoming carbon neutral.
submitted: 11/08/07, 14:16:44  Broken Link ?

Cape Farewell Education

This is a charitable organisation that brings together artists, scientists and educators to raise awareness about climate change. The content is related to a series of expeditions to the Antartic.  
submitted: 11/08/07, 14:12:38  Broken Link ?

Atmosphere Climate and Environment

This site has factsheets and lots of puzzels and games, aimed at younger students. The rest of the site is of interest to older pupils.
submitted: 11/08/07, 13:55:12  Broken Link ?


submitted: 11/06/07, 13:30:42  Broken Link ?


climate change web site.
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