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Forest Friends Ireland Objectives

  • To bring about a change in the present status quo, whereby forestry policy in Ireland is based primarily on a monoculture, a single species, namely Sitka Spruce.
  • To work towards the achievement of a policy based on biodiversity and continuous canopy, in accordance with the principles annunciated in the Convention on Biodiversity, at the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit 1992.
  • Re-establish a culture of forests.
  • Develop cross-border and cross-cultural projects.
  • Use 100% native/near native, mainly broadleaf and native coniferous species from native seed stock.
  • Promote ethical investment in forests including core funding.
  • Protect Rainforests and other major centers of biodiversity and   cultural diversity.
  • Create a Great Irish Forest.
  • Achieve a key stakeholder role for local communities.
  • Use a Local Agenda 21 approach.
  • Develop tree nurseries. Conserve native woodlands, develop new woodlands.
  • Oppose clear felling.
  • Promote forest trusts.
  • Promote sustainable economic systems inclusive of the economies of nature.
  • Promote the arts in the context of our environment.
  • To create and preserve a center of excellence of biodiverse forest habitats/native woodlands, ideally in the context of existing native woodlands, demonstrating best practice in management, and including coppicing and the promotion and development of woodcrafts.

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