Forest Friends Ireland are proud to announce our activities for National Biodiversity Week.

National Biodiversity Week will take place this year from Saturday 18th May to Sunday 26th May, with the UN International Day of Biodiversity being celebrated on 22nd May.

This year the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) has designated a theme of Water And Biodiversity , and 2013 will be Ireland's 7th annual celebration of National Biodiversity Week.

Forest Friends Ireland have arranged the following programme with the objective of creating awareness of the importance of biodiversity and the value to the local, national and international community.

Sunday 19th. Biodiversity Walk, Ballyboughal, Fingal.

Forest Friends are linking up with the Ballyboughal Hedgerow Society  for a  Biodiversity walk to take in hedgerow biodiversity wetland areas and  amphibians.
Starting point O'Connors Pub Ballyboughal, North West of Swords
Starting time 1.00

Ballyboughal Hedgerow Society was founded in 2000 the same year as Forest Friends, to raise awareness about the local hedgerows which are linear forests, and their biodiversity and amenity value.

Enquiries: Ann 086 3638487 www.thehedge.org or Stephen 0862435612 at Forest Friends Ireland

Monday 20th. 3.30-4.30PM ENVIRO special NEAR 90.3 FM.

Special edition of 'Enviro', entitled the 'National Biodiversity Week'.  This programme will present details of the biodiversity week programme and interview a representative of the National Parks and Wildlife Service. The programme will be presented by John Haughton, President of Forest Friends Ireland.

Tuesday 21st. 10:00 AM Marino Library, Marino Mart, Fairview, Dublin 3.

Presentation of the Forest Friends Tree and Forest Water Biodiversity Project, an audio visual presentation which will be circulated to all the libraries and schools in Ireland.

This project will examine the effects of the acidification of waterways due to the predominance of monoculture tree plantations in Ireland and the effects of the use of cypermithron a persistent carcinogenic immune-damaging pesticide.

The presentation will examine the role of trees and forests in the movement and purification of waterways,  and how this assists the creation and preservation of biodiversity globally and locally. 

For further details phone. 01 8336297 or contact marinolibrary@dublincity.ie.

Wednesday 22nd  Evening walk in Santry Woods along the Santry River

Starting Time 18.30 hrs. Meet in the public car park Santry Woods at the Morton Stadium end. The walk will be led by John Haughton, President Forest Friends Ireland and  Laetitia Beschus, Ecologist, Forest Friends Ireland.

Thursday 23rd.  'Home for Frogs'

Launch of Forest Friends garden pond project. Belmayne /Educate Together National School, Belmayne, North Dublin at 11:00 AM

Forest Friends will conduct an audio visual presentation to students at the school as a first step in the building of a  pond at the school.

This is a follow up to last year's Forest Friends biodiversity project 'Hop for Frogs' which took place during biodiversity week in Gardiner Street Primary School. Forest Friends will complete a plan for the ideal garden pond, suitable for schools and communities,covering all aspects of design. This will be made available through libraries, and to community groups schools and local news media.

The project is being launched with a view to building a pond at Belmayne Educate Together National Primary School. The design will cover all aspects, including, site selection, dimensions, materials required, depth of water, volume of water, aeration, temperature control, safety aspects, suitable plants, stepping levels, marsh areas, the importance of frogs from a biodiversity point of view, causes whereby frogs have become endangered species worldwide, newts, the importance of frogs from the gardeners point of view, their role in ecosystems locally and globally, protection of pond life from predators. 

Rotary Derry Londonderry Peace Forum May 24 to 26 2013

Forest Friends have been one of the prime movers in initiating a  Peace Forest.and on Sunday May 26th the Rotary/ Cross Border Peace Forest (Ireland) in association with Forest Friends Ireland will be launched with the ceremonial planting of Oak Trees by Sakuji Tanaka President Rotary International .

Oak trees have been sponsored by Van Der Vel Ltd., Aughrim, Co. Wicklow, and Gallinagh-nursery,County Donegal.  The President of Rotary International will launch the project at  10-45 am in St Columbs Park.

The Peace Forest will in time involve tree plantings all along both sides of the border dividing north and south Ireland, with communities playing a key role. These initiatives will be facilitated by Rotary clubs, Forest Friends Ireland and other partnership organisations.

Also during the Peace Forum an  audio visual production of the biodiversity of the Foyle River/Derry Londonderry section,  prepared by Forest Friends Ireland will be presented to the Derry Londonderry Rotary  Club.

Thursday June 6th 11:00 AM - Audio Visual presentation 'Home for frogs'

A presentation will be made  to students of the Bayside Senior Primary School, Bayside, Sutton by Forest Friends Interns describing the "Home for Frogs" garden pond schools project.

If you require any further information on our Biodiversity Week activities please contact info@forestfriends.ie or from our office at 55 Fairview Strand, Fairview, Dublin 3, Ireland.

Forest Friends Ireland receive grant funding from the Irish Department of the Environment Climate and Communications through the Irish Environmental Network (IEN). The IEN supports and coordinates individual organisations like Forest Friends Ireland who are all engaged in protecting and enhancing the environment through their various projects and educational activities.

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