Forest Friends Ireland/Cáirde na Coille submission 

as part of the 

“Public Consultation re Proposal to legislate for the 

control of microbeads in certain projects”

February 23rd. 2017                             40 Lower Drumcondra Road Dublin 9.


.To Simon Coveney, Minister for Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government,

SUBMISSION:  Microbeads are non-biodegradable and when ingested can lead to health issues for marine life and life higher on the food chain including humans.

1.      The law must cover all microplastics in all household and industrial products that can go down our drains. We’ve seen other countries, like the U.S., use really narrow definitions that allow heaps of nasty products to stay on the shelves. Living creatures who feed on the receiving surfaces in our rivers and oceans do not distinguish between microplastics from one source or another or their magnitudes. They are potentially susceptible to them all.

2.      A legislative ban must be introduced straight away with immediate effect, no lead in time, no discretionary clauses that would allow companies manufacturers and retailers to voluntarily self-regulate. Only this kind of legal ban on microbeads will remove these harmful products from retail and wholesale outlets.

3.      Forest Friends are of the opinion that the legislation should cover all solid, water-           insoluble microplastic ingredients with no lower size limit and all product types that might go down the drain, either through design or user behaviour.

John Haughton


 Forest Friends Ireland/Cáirde na Coille  085 253 6650