Forest Friends Ireland Contact Information

Postal Address: forest Friends Ireland, The Arts and Business Campus, 

40 Lower Drumcondra Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9, Ireland.

D09 V5R9

Office Telephone : +353 (0) 18307236


You can send general queries by email to 


You can reach us on the internet via 

or connect with us at Facebook


  • John Haughton
  • Eddie McGunness
  • Ian Croft 
  • John Fitzgerald
  • Jonathon Mooney
  • Felix Daramola
  • Donna Cooney
  • James Comiskey

Honorary President

  • John Haughton


  • Eddie McGunness
  • Ian Croft


  •  John Fitzgerald


  • Charles Kinch


  • Donna Cooney

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Forest Friends Ireland receive grant funding from the Irish Department of the Environment Climate and Communications through the Irish Environmental Network (IEN). The IEN supports and coordinates individual organisations like Forest Friends Ireland who are all engaged in protecting and enhancing the environment through their various projects and educational activities.

Forest Friends Ireland are the premier tree organisation

in the Republic of Ireland

www.forestfriends.ie   www.facebook.com/forestfriendsireland

Forest Friends welcome volunteers to help with their biodiversity tree projects

Thank you for supporting Forest Friends Ireland.

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