Irish fur farms abuse animals

Irish fur farms abuse animals
Written by jonathan (08/28/13, 14:26:58)

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Animals Abused on Irish Fur Farms

Donate NowDear john,

As you read this, a male mink is relentlessly pacing back and forth in a cramped, filthy cage. This normally solitary animal can't escape the sights and sounds of other prisoners who are confined to a long row of cages, one of many on an Irish fur farm.

After months of confinement that prohibits all of his natural behaviour, this frightened mink cries out as he is yanked from his cell and shoved into a box filled with the bodies of dead and dying animals.

The noxious fumes in the box will soon take his life, as they do to dozens of other sensitive minks who are gassed to death. Their skins will soon be ripped off their bodies and sold to become a fashion item worn by a heartless person.

This year alone, hundreds of thousands of minks in Ireland will endure the same horrendous confinement and often painful death that he did.

Will you please help PETA stop the abuse and killing of minks, foxes and other animals by making an urgently needed donation online today?

While progressive nations, such as the Netherlands, have recently made moves to ban fur farms, the Irish Minister for Agriculture, Simon Coveney, has refused to listen to calls from caring people in his country and is allowing the five fur farms in Ireland to continue to confine some 250,000 minks for the bloody global skins trade.

In 2011, the Minister appointed a review group to advise him on the future of Irish fur farms. While PETA and other animal organisations contacted the group and urged the shuttering of these horrible animal prisons so did the lobbyists for the skins trade (the European Fur Breeders Association', the British Fur Trade Association and the International Fur Trade Federation) as well as Irish fur farmers and agricultural groups.

Of the four-page appendix in the biased final report, three pages provide the fur industry's claims of humane treatment of animals and environmental responsibility and just one page details animal welfare advocates' concerns about minimizing the suffering of animals when they are killed on fur farms. The ethics of raising and killing animals for their skins was not even addressed.

The Netherlands, Britain, Austria and other European countries have already banned fur farms, and there's no excuse for the Irish government to allow this misery to continue.

Please raise your voice right now to stand up to the skins industry and all who abuse animals by making a generous donation to PETA.

Minks and countless other sensitive animals confined to cramped, dirty cages until they are killed or even skinned alive need our help. Will you please take action for them today?

Kind Regards,

Ingrid E Newkirk 

PS Through their intense lobbying efforts, the fur industry is trying desperately to combat the work to shut down fur farms such as those in Ireland. Please make a special gift today to help us stand up to those who continue to abuse minks and all animals.

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