Letter from Ghana December 19th 2018

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Letter from Ghana December 19th 2018|admin|1545178323|

Savanna hill forest.

I am on the driest tropical zone I support a variety of wildlife.my leaves are small but provide sufficient shelter for all who will come to my shelter.

I am the best home for fruit and ameliorating temperature, but people only see the physical benefits I offer and reject the numrious gifts I offer - intangible services I offer for them.

All involved come and help save me from destruction. To do this.fight fire, review your farming system


Look at how the savanna forest offers yet every year normadic farmers set fire to destroy it. The farming system is also very bad.

Indiscriminate tree cutting and charcoal burning destroy numrious vegetations.

Help fight wildfire, and change your farming system or else no time you will not find me again.





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