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Letter from Ghana January 16th 2019

Written in Ghana: 01/18/19, 19:33:11 by admin  | Print article  | View all categories.
Letter from Ghana January 16th 2019|admin|1547868791|

Stop tree cutting in the savanna hill forest.
The trees and forest support lives thus the lungs of the world we must protect the forest and save lives Tree cover make the watershed protecting  the local dams water table of the rocks aquifers drain down into the dams wind storm are stopped by the tree cover which save lives.
Carbon sink saves climate.
This also save lives.
Arboreal living on trees
Get shelter from tree and this also save lives.
But local people cut down.
Threatening lives.
Lack of knowledge kill lives

Education can save lives if we know we will be careful. Support our radio outreach and schools clubs Ghana campaigns to save lives.
Let us make every effort to save lives by educating both the old and new generations. Knowledge can make wise use - wise use bring sustainable living and therefore saved lives.
It is now,make a donation I'm cash or kind to save our forest.