Letter from Ghana June 17th 2019

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The ancient man was put in a Green environment. Ghana and for that matter Africa is natural endowed with great biological wealth. But it is wipe off in the twinkle of an eye and we are all partakes of it.we must all be part of the solution. The problems in Africa now compounded. What do we stand for.let us come back and appreciate green life.

Let us  educate and campaign

Let us respect the creation

Let us be restless in the strive for changes let us hear the cry of the habitats like Apaatanga hill forest cry for propt action, It is a Burden on me as Coordinator of Ghana that Conservation society should arise to vote money to protect this forest for it is  indeed a seed bank for local species like:

Shea butter

Which FFI/G we are trying to acquire a 1000 acre land for this purpose,to establish nursery and promote agro forestry.especially among vulnerable communities to reduce hunger ,Ayopia in Bongo Dustrict   is our starting point.

As determined as we shall go into this project to establish  the nursery we must think I of a seed source and Apaatanga hill Forest is a priority .Forest friends International,Philanthropist, United. Nations,Donors, please we need your attention to secure a seed bank,acquire a 1000 acre land for nursery and promote Agro forestry for sustainable development.

Currently, we are working to acquire the Land, start an illiteracy education and to progress with other life improving activities.


The urgency of need to conserve Biodiversity of Apaatanga and to turn it to a Conservation and Education center is significant:

There is no conservation area in the District, No nature Education center to support basics education

No research center in the District

As we plan Agro forestry for native species we don't have a seed source. Therefore all efforts if possible FFI we can buy this piece of land and protect the area.

Attention to all conservationist.

Emmanuel Nsor
Chief Coordinator

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