Letter from Ghana March 24th 2020

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Letter from Ghana March 24th 2020|admin|1587944615|

THEME: " our solutions are nature".I will state that " we are the solutions ".

Creation was given to man to manage but man has become the devil of this creation. This creation God gave to man as a steward is essential for his very existence and therefore it must be valued and respected. The formal state of creation was optimum beauty and tranquillity; a real world of peace and love.

However,beginning from Agricultural and industrial revolutions to this date man has done more harm than good to this very environment" However, Damage to the environment is damage to one self ". If we understand this statement we realize that all the actions and inactions has brought us this far.
In the midst of climate change, life in African communities is hash and difficult.

We have come a long way in the destruction of the natural environment and must be part of the solutions. I put it in simple equation like this:


The same man who is the agent of destruction can become agent of change,instrument of of impact mouthpiece for influence. The greatest environmentalist who ever lived  studied human activities and the effects on the environment and decided to abstain from meat in this year biodiversity week programme

I have one message for Africans " we are the very solutions". If we will run back to the creator with fear and trembling we and a mindset of positive thinking we can recreate this world ".

I am speaking on a dual fold topics:
1/ preparing children as future steward s
2/ preservation of native species through Agricultural Reformation.

1/ preparing children as future stewards. Under the young forest friends projects I have programmes with great vision Academy,Don't boscoss and Feo JHS A.in this year biodiversity week we plan a poetry contest,drama,art and drawing displays and a programme I title  " my interest tree". I will put selected trees in a box and each child will pick one and will make it a lifelong project tree.the child will develop poems,write stories etc about the tree of interest and grow with it and may write research findings on this tree.

2/ the second one is preservation of native species and sensitive natural areas.
I am a typical northern young man and grew up to appreciate the values of native species such as:

1. Baobab
2/ Tamarinda
3/  shear butter treed
4/ zaamah trees
5/" Geya fruit"
6/ mango
7/ Dawadawa
8/ moringa
9. Prekese( South)
10/ cashew plant,exotic.

These trees offers a lot of traditional and socioeconomic importance. However,in recent years their abundance has decreased in the off reserve and farmlands. It has resulted in economic hardship in many communities since they depended on the products of these trees for economic sustenance.

I have contacts to communities groups who are now making efforts for economic growth in small savings.
/ I will state that if God commanded man to farm from the beginning; God will not say man should not farm now.And I cannot support Anderson's refraining from meat as a solution since all men cannot refrain from protein requirements then its a problem and not a solution. But I will rather support farming but a new method.Africa has long been noted for bad farming practices,slash and burn which is responsible for emissions of smoke into a the atmosphere,use of poison for fishing and chemical farming that pollute the environment,shifting cultivation,ploughing along ridges ,overgrazing etc.

I will support farming but a new technology, more sustainable,more modern, safe and secure. With a promising Heath life,food security, ecological sustenance. In my communities visit there are widow's, orphans also in the school ,a lot of youth from SHS move to the south for minimal jobs.

I will appeal that I am having a vision,I have also noticed diseased such ad Eczema among children this is my personal stressful surveys and communities participation, I am taking this project under EMMANUEL INITIATIVES(EMMANUEL INNITIATIVE FOR AFRICAN INPACT DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS, under forest friends international)

I will submit a clear vision: people empowered for sustainable development

Mission: skills. Training, personal initiatives to strengthen local groups for economic Growth well as
Encouraged to adopt a new technology of Agricultural which is safe and sound.

An IMPACT CENTRE is needed where the plight of widows can be heard, disease tackler,illiteracy education and common diseases treated.

Please to end my message I will encouraged all coordinators that we are to stand in the gap for humanity so let us look into the plight of widows and orphans let us create jobs and engage the youth of Africa in Agroforestry to prevent brain drain and rural urban drift.I am ending my message with sobbing tears when I cast mind on labour of of northern youth in the steets of Kumasi and Accra to look for greener pastures leaving the real green behind an looking in hope to get a Capital for the impact projects where youth, widows can be employed Agroforestry.

Emmanuel Nsor


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