Letter from Ghana - December 2020

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As we come to the end of the year of biodiversity I wish to alert the global community of the essence of it
"Biodiversity  indeed is life" .As it is made evident in this 21st century Cov.19 chaos which the whole world is faced with.

It is an undeniable fact that the rapid loss of global biodiversity is an induced cause of the pandemic if not direct this make it a necessity  to pay particular attention to global biodiversity issues. The richest soil in central USA is becoming impoverished, Irish aquatic life and bird species has declined to an alarming proportion due to past cultivation of pulp and paper plantations on Irish Highlands. Ethiopian highlands vegetation has eroded as a result of poor farming activities.

The world biodiversity is under constant pressure through the ages of civilization. The African Continent is most affected.

From the primitive age of gathering to the age of industrial revolution in Africa which brought tremendous transformation in Europe placed a high demand for timber and minerals resources in Africa.with the accelerated felling of magnificent trees from the tropical forests. The hope was to speed up economic growth but to a total dismay,many African countries has not only become poor but classified as highly indebted poor countries.

The first and second world wars and the cold war between the west and the east also left a toll of immense damage and perpetual loss of biodiversity in Africa. The most distrutive perhaps was the drop of Atomic bomb which was stopped by UN intervention to maintain world peace during the cold war in the desert could be a contributing factor to the perpetual loss of African biodiversity.

In this Technology age and I formation age with computer business and TV screen,internet cables has brought about manifest styles and fashions.the true African identity is almost lost in 21 century. In Ghana,the old fashion slash and burn method of farming,overgrazing,illegal logging and mining account for rapid loss of biodiversity.

Bongo District of the Upper east region is one of the Biodiversity area and  most blessed District with unique landscape, rocky hills,flouristic tree cover and unique wildlife,high endemic savanna fruit and medicinal plants,rich in wildlife and  the people  have rich culture and hospitality.A great package for ecotourism.

However,the farming methods of the rural communities are still the old slash and burn method,tree feeling for charcol burning, Nomadic farmers also deliberately set fires for fresh grass to grow for livestock, The global temperature is increasing with early dry seasons and water crisis in these recent years.

Most of the people in the rural communities are farmers while the township dwellers are traders and some professional government workers. A lot of the youth especially in the rural sector are unemployed and some engage in charcoal burning while the majority migrate to engage in illegal chainsaw and mining activities in the south.

This syndrome drains the Northern labour force and affects the lives of vulnerable in society.

Widows dominate, 2 to 5 in some homes, teenage mother's in the increases, single mother rising,orphans ,street children's significant.Malnutrition very noticeable with nutrient deficiency symptoms,. Communicable disease eg. Chicken pox, skin rashes are common.

The economic standard is very low, 2020 survey in 7 communities within the District, under forest friend international campaign,

In order to tackle these problems and to bring light to this dark District where voices of widows and orphans are crying for hunger relief and health care,. The youth are migrating and women making efforts for economic emancipation but limited education and high rate of illiteracy. It is imperative to bring liberation.

This needs Agricultural Reformation through increased research which is possible by the recent premier University RECaS with great potential to discover the riches of the land and restored its habitat and people. And to introduce new syetems of farming that will promote biodiversity conservation and high agricultural productivity the feed many mouths.

Dr.Kwame Nkrumah said before his last breath that long after he had died and gone the fire lit in Africa will continue to burn and be born aloft giving light and guidance to all men.

This is the time and Bongo indeed needs the light in this 21st Century. We need an Impact centre to stir up REVOLUTION,economic, educational, scientific, research, political and sociocultural.

Voice of cry is indeed heared from widows and orphans,hunger,poverty within the District',many afflicted. Soon I will open an account called an African impact account to look into the economic life of the people via agricultural projects for food crop production in link with Agroforestry development offices we will organise training programs for farmers.

I place a demant for 100 billion USD. We can employ up to 1/million people beyound the District,feed more than 1million people.

I am in the very shoe of the people, I have visited sites alone,taken many risks, beard the stress, visited homes,attended to children and aged alike, studied the ecology and changes and effects.Impact is to meet specific need at specific place and to specific people and habitat or species, so as the year end my heart is in Bongo District 2021 on for the next 3 decades before anything.

I will look to see the restoration of the area holistically,( habitat, species, food security, economic development, educational transformation to reach the leas privileged, illiteracy education,employment for the youth to curb the rural urban drift and biodiversity conservation, ecotourism development and  promotion, preservation of native species, culture, and language.

Bongo is a remnant District of promising future in Ghana.

Emmanuel Nsor.

December 2020

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