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Senegal Forest Friends Letter|jonathan|1272672819|From:            bahogne minkass (bahogne@yahoo.fr)
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To:      John Haughton (jjhaughton@hotmail.com)
Hi John,
Excuse me for this long silence but I was very busy as I told you that I making a tour visiting the forest friends in their places and trying at the same time to convince villagers to give up using the pesticides  in their garden and to put an end to cutting trees.I have to tell you that it was  areal success.I hadn't got a camera that is why I cannot show you what we are doing here.Villagers had thrown away all the pesticides and the young men had decided to stop cutting the trees but to cut off the branches to make charcoal.We were welcome as kings everywhere passed.
I was very happy to realise that I still have very convinced members even if I have lost some of them.We have visited some villages such as Mandina mancagne,Kantène,Diègoune,Thiobong,Tendouk.so it was a very long way away.I got back home very tired and we are not connected till now.That is the reason why you didn't recieve my e-mail till now for the newsletter.I was thinking about it everytime but I haven't time since we have to travel here in order to have the internet.
Segal is a very beautiful country with very nice places to be visited.Senegalese people are very kind.the food is wonderful and we have the sun here all the year.
There are several ethnic groups that live in Senegal in harmony.We have the wolof ,the mancagne,the manding, the balante,poular,sérère, toucouleur, manjaque etc.
We have 3 to 4 months of the rainy season.And it starts in June.
I hope I have given you some informtions you needed for the newsletter.If you need other informations don't hesitate to contact me.
Keep on protecting the nature whereveer you are only God will pay you
Say hi to the forest friends of Ireland and take care of you.

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