FFI Annual Seed Collection November 13 & 20

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FFI Annual Seed Collection November 13 & 20


St Annes Car Park, Dublin
St Anne's Car Park Dublin

Forest Friends are having our annual seed collection on
Saturday 13 November and Saturday 20 November

starting at 12.00.

Meet in St. Annes car park located on All Saints Road.


Participants should plan for a rainy and maybe a cold day so come well prepared.
Bring paper or cloth bags so that seedlings can breathe.
Put the seeds in compost or soil immediately so that they don't dry out.
You can use an empty container or compost bag.
Leave them in shaded area where they can get rain over the winter until they sprout in Spring.

Forest Friends Ireland receive grant funding from the Irish Department of the Environment Climate and Communications through the Irish Environmental Network (IEN). The IEN supports and coordinates individual organisations like Forest Friends Ireland who are all engaged in protecting and enhancing the environment through their various projects and educational activities.

Forest Friends Ireland are the premier tree organisation

in the Republic of Ireland

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Forest Friends welcome volunteers to help with their biodiversity tree projects

Thank you for supporting Forest Friends Ireland.

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