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Save Tara invite Minister Gormley to Rath Lugh

Written in Irish Issues: 03/08/08, 16:52:30 by admin  | Print article  | View all categories.

from http://www.savetara.com/statements/022908_invite.html

The Save Tara campaign have given a guarded welcome to the fact that Minister Gormley announced on the Pat Kenny radio show that he is placing a permanent preservation order on Rath Lugh in the Gabhra Valley, Co. Meath that is in danger from the present route of the M3 motorway. This follows extensive lobbying by Save Tara and others on this matter. However, the actual line of the, now, Permanent Preservation Order is still unclear and the trees and forest at Lismullin/Rath Lugh along with the unstable esker that forms part of the foundations of the Rath are still in grave danger.

With this in mind, the Save Tara campaign would like to extend a formal invitation to Minister for the Environment Mr. John Gormley, Ms. Mary Coughlan and Ms. Mary Wallace, Ministers of State at the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food to save the old trees in Rath Lugh at a planting ceremony on Friday 7th. March 2008, for National Tree Week.

We would like to encourage Ministers Gormley, Coughlan and Wallace to embrace the ethos of National Tree Week and officially acknowledge the protection of the trees of the entire woods of Rath Lugh, in the townland of Lismullin. We would also welcome the extended protection to include the numerous birds who are commencing nesting at this time of year, and to the badgers who have been greatly disturbed due to the M3 works.

This invitation is also extended to An Taisce, The Tree Council of Ireland, Woodland Trust, Coillte, Badgerwatch, Birdwatch Ireland and any other interested groups to come and celebrate in the natural heritage and environment of Rath Lugh like O2, co-sponsors of National Tree Week.