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Tara - Injunction sought-press release

Written in Irish Issues: 03/12/08, 15:37:34 by jonathan  | Print article  | View all categories.
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Press Release. Rath Lugh Direct Action Camp, 12th March 2008

The Rath Lugh Direct Action Camp would like to announce that an
injunction has been sought to stop the works by the NRA on the M3 in the
vicinity of the National Monument of Rath Lugh, an ancient promontory
fort within the Tara complex.  The case will be heard in the Four Courts
on 13th March 10:30am.

The NRA have today (11^th March) released a statement on the Pat Kenny
radio show
admitting that the buffer zone is only 25meters despite their statement
on 10^th March that it was 100meters. The co-ordinates quoted in NRA
documents of 2004 were incorrect,  as confirmed by Minister John Gormley by
email letter on 27th September 2007: "I should point out that the
location of the
monument at Rath Lugh is shown incorrectly on the record of monuments
and places (RMP) map.  The location is, in fact, closer to the M3 than

The Temporary Preservation Order was made permanent on 7th March 2008,
after three days of heavy machinery moving within the no-mans land
which is dangerously close to the foundations of the Rath, an esker that
is an unstable geological feature made up of sand and gravel.

On that same day an application for a High Court injunction was made to
prevent further sale of the Rath Lugh lands by Coillte to Meath County
Council/NRA, and/or to prevent further development of the lands at Rath
Lugh by the NRA should Meath County Council sell the land.

They are also asking the court to prevent any further machinery passing
by Rath Lugh and the esker, to prevent damage to it. The stability of
the National Monument is reliant on the esker.

Peadar O'Ceallaigh