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Eviction at Rath Lugh

Written in Irish Issues: 04/18/08, 13:42:53 by jonathan  | Print article  | View all categories.

Eviction at Rath Lugh/ who owns RL now?‏
Dr. Muireann Ni Bhrolchain (muireann@indigo.ie)
17 April 2008 23:26:35
Dr. Muireann Ni Bhrolchain (muireann@indigo.ie)
A chara,
Here is a link to what occurred in Rath Lugh today. Not only was the
camp evicted in the most horrible and vicious way by some security
wearing balaclavas (photo to prove this) but machines were used to knock
the temporary structures in the vicinity of a National Monument under
the Minister's protection order. The Gardaí were used to supervise this
private enterprise.
Secondly, a fence is being erected at the entrance that was used from
the public road - this restricts access to the Rath completely. Coillte
maintained that they were evicting the camp because they were preventing
access to the public's capacity to enjoy the amenity of the woods. Now
no one can get access. They appear to be cutting a permanent route into
the woods for their machinery.
Secondly, Markus Hargraves, operator in the area since last summer,
informed one of the protectors today that SIAC had bought the whole
forest from Coillte as of today and he appeared to have documentation to
prove this but would not show it to her properly.
Thirdly, both Howleys and Wills Brothers, sub-contractors of
SIAC/Ferrovial have not been paid by them and are going into
receivership as far as I know - Howleys are owed approximately €17m
according to inside sources.
Interesting that the NRA can pay €120m for the land but can put two
local companies out of business.
These may be vicious rumours but both companies have disappeared from
the M3 works as well as the M50/M4 works.
Muireann Ní Bhrolcháin