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Tara Update|jonathan|1216679056|PRESS RELEASE – PETITION TO RE-INTER BODIES

Tara Campaigners worldwide are supporting a petition to the Irish
Government calling on them to re-inter the remains of individuals whose
graves have been desecrated by the ongoing construction of the M3
Motorway in the Gabhra Valley near the historic Hill of Tara in Co.
Meath. The petition went live on Saturday 19th July.

Campaigners demand that the ancient remains be reburied in a dignified
manner and as closely as possible to the ceremonial layout of the
original graveyards. It is estimated that over 60 bodies were disturbed
and removed from the Collierstown site and over 27 from Ardsallagh to
make way for the double-tolled M3 Motorway. Over the last 15 years of
the Celtic Tiger, thousands of bodies have been removed from the earth
and stored in warehouses.

The Gabhra Valley is the putative site of the last battle of the Fianna
in 284 A.D. and they were said to be buried where they fell along with
Cairpre Lifechair king of Tara son of Cormac mac Airt.

The current campaign to have the bodies reburied has been given added
impetus by the backing received from the recent World Archaeological
Congress held
in Dublin who said as part of their press release (July 11th 08):

" Recognising that the reburial of ancient remains in Ireland is subject
to the provisions of the National Monuments Act and the agreement of the
National Museum of Ireland, the World Archaeological Congress also draws
attention to the Vermillion Accord on human remains and suggests that
any human remains excavated from the cultural landscape of Tara should
be re-interred with due respect as close as possible to their original
locations, as this is where these people would have wished to be buried".

This was the first World Archaeological Congress to be held in Ireland.
It was attended by over 1,800 archaeologists, native peoples and
international scholars from 74 nations.

The organisers of the petition, Tomás Mac Cormaic and Carmel Diviney said:
Carmel Diviney said: ‘We hope that this petition is the beginning of a
debate on the ethics of this archaeological ‘resolution’ of our
ancestors, the indigenous people of Ireland. This debate and respect for
our own indigenous people, ourselves, is long overdue and that this puts
added pressure on the Irish Govt to re-inter the

People are requested to sign the petition here:

For verification/ further information: Carmel Diviney 087-6100771
Tomás Mac Cormaic 085-7318348

Photos 8, 15 and 16 are Collierstown:
Cremation at Ardsallagh here:

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