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Forestry policy in Ireland

Written in Irish Issues: 10/18/08, 05:08:12 by jonathan  | Print article  | View all categories.
Forestry policy in Ireland|jonathan|1224331692|In September 2008 FIE , a national NGO, were removed from the IFCI Steering
Committee with no notice given, nor any right to appeal .

As members of IFCI and FSC, FIE have received no communication in relation
to IFCI or the standard development whatsoever.

Neither have FIE received a written response from FSC to the informal
complaint made about the process in Ireland well over a year ago.

FIE have taken a decision to remove their support for the FSC a process
until an adequate response is given to the complaint, the FSC proposal,
drafted in Bonn in 2007, is implemented and stakeholders views are taken on

Currently 98.6% of Coillte's productive forests are managed using high
impact forest operations which results in soil compaction, erosion and
pollution of waters. This is unsustainable and unacceptable.

To date FSC have failed to address any of the issues and unfortunately the
only conclusion that we can draw is that FSC is a greenwash label dominated
by industrial interests.

Yours sincerely

Caroline Lewis