Foley Street Trees Demolished by Dublin City Co.

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Foley Street Trees Demolished by Dublin City Co.|jonathan|1196858748|park and trees in Foley street

see also correspondence below
the trees (35 in a park of 80) in the park have all been cut down during this weekend
we gained just that the corporation houses are now on the front street view and that the wind is no longer filtered, so it is colder to walk on the street.

I spoke with the responsible of this,
Charlie Lowe, from Dublin Corporation, local office in Sean McDermot Street,
email charlie.lowe@dublincity.ie

Charlie Lowe
central area office
51-53 Sean McDermott St Lur.
Dublin 1

who stated to have been planting that trees thirty years ago, so now he feels free to cut them down as from his point of view the park is becoming a forest (?)

also he explains that there are nearly 7 millions (6.800.000) euro designed to the development of the park (or of the area?), but as I asked for planning he said they will be prepared in the next two years
(so the trees have been cut with no written planning or developement  proposal)

I was in contact with some agencies in town and I also found (in this case Klee paper) that all the big trees in North Circular road, towards Phoenix park are destined to be took off from the street also.

Hope something can be moved in this sense after O'Connell street has been destroyed after the distruction of centenary trees with the replacement of sick miserable decorative thiny trees cut in cubic shape after sick architects planning, few of them already death.

if someone has the pleasure to see the city planning exposed in Dublin Corporation Hall, you can clearly note that there are no trees and no evidence of green areas,  and this is what you can also see walking through the newly built areas, where there are no longer green spots, who are mainly exchanged with cement depressing squares or actually, by bad architecture of poor new buildings.


Dear Browen,

thanks for the reply,

I understand the point but this is not really true at all, given the actual reality of this street that I deeply know and live.

I work or live here on this street since six years (of my ten ones in Dublin)

It is a terrible street every horrible experience happened on this street, sure.

But the way you seem to explain things and solution here is very doubtful.

The park was like this time ago, when some people of the blocks spent time into the park, and these people where always gathering mostly on the sidewalk of the street, outside the park, at the park gate or back to the football pitch, not into the park, through the trees, including the fact that they live there and it is the way they have been educated to make them behave in this way like most of the poor people in Dublin, nothing to do with trees.
(I work with people on drugs and I can say this with competence)

Sometimes some persons from the flats were around with their dogs or passing by, but they were always sympathetic with me and my dog and I never found them dangerous even if they have a sad aspect and they are evidently poor.

These group of "rough people" are generally staying now in the new marble areas in front the Dance Centre, though and when the park will be gone they will need to go somewhere else around there as they are still alive, so this is not a solution for them (but maybe you are not thinking o their health at all).

They ARE families living in the blocks, just on the back to the park so, apart from killing or to deport all them, action that doesn't belong to any civilized tradition, they will be in the area still and more as they have the right to live.

They will behave in that manner until another policy will work through and for them, trees or not trees, with or without the park.

To cut off the trees of the park I am sure is not the best way to make them feel better and stop abusing themselves like desperate captive Celtic tigers, as they do, having no better perspectives in life.

The complaining families (WHO?) should be addressed to understand and participate to this urban plague rather than agree with a further destruction of the city green environment that can't be replaced after being destroyed.

What are the following moves for this place after cutting the trees, then?
I have been said they will create a "playing area"... what will it be about?

I saw elderlies inside the Lab gallery, why don't arrange some project for people on drugs also?

Recently nobody was passing into the park anymore.
I was in there everyday with my little dog and there was no danger at all into the park and no danger for or from anyone walking inside the park.
Everyday some workers were cleaning and working in there.

Instead there are no green areas available all over the city centre as a miserable place.
both missing for trees and for humans

the Custom House is a lovely place to let the pet run, in the middle of a busy road and all its dangers, and it's most of the day locked and this is all what we have in Dublin 1.

I had to walk to Marrion square to reach a possible place where to run a bit my little friend and she couldn't even run there without the leash to be strict to rules...

It's also forbidden to carry dogs on the Luas...but these are other problems...

This street is full of drunk people as it was before (apart from those who died), but it is in this way,
- including crazy cars and the terribly roughness of street ground, one that killed my dog, the other that broke my foot in two parts last year, thanks to the wild work in progress from two years on non stop.
Plenty of noise and dirty trucks are better?

I am not sure that drunkards are the worst danger of the street or of the city.
Criminality is not in these old noisy slow motioned left over of the world that nobody looks after

These simple minded solutions are nonsense to me and a dangerous quick systems for well-thinkers with some background of speculators to make some business and build more miserable houses to exploit working persons.

Once the trees are allowed to be cut, today they put two benches tomorrow they have the idea to built a new office and that's it.

Ten more trees have been dismantled in this gray miserable environment and you call it thinning out.
Are you sure you believe what you are talking about?

and in O'Connell street that disaster of the old trees cut what it was? a thinning as well?

I am sorry, but I am not really keen to believe this version, as the problem was there since ever and there is no sense to resolve it in this matter, and it will still be present.
there is no reason to give the fault to the drunkards, who are victims and not criminals as they are cutting down no trees and there are more then 10 to be cut down

these are sensible environmental mistakes that are continuous and repeated in this city and on which I hope someone will say something more sensible that this answer.

I invite you to think back to what just said and to provide me with details of the planning for the park anyway and the contact for the further political parties.

Elisabetta Jacomini
aka McBett

On Nov 22, 2007 6:51 AM, bronwen wrote:


Apologies for note being able to get back to you sooner about this, due mainly to pressure of other work.

The trees around the park at Foley Street are being 'thinned out', all the trees will not be cut down. The reason these trees are being removed is as a result of request from the police and local residents as they say the park is apparently being used by large groups of 'rough drinkers' and this is making it unattractive for use by the local families.

Kind regards


Cllr. Bronwen Maher

Green Party-Comhaontas Glas

No. 1 The Bramblings

Killester, Dublin 5

Tel-01 831 4490

Mobile-087 784 1937


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From: eli mcbett [mailto: mcbett@gmail.com]
Sent: 22 November 2007 14:33
To: bronwen@eircom.net

THis is Elisabetta here.

It follows my query about the park in Foley street and the phone call ended as I ended the phone credit...

I got this email address by Ann at the Green Party,

If you can please send to me all the possible contacts to annoy with my query other politicians asap
I would appreciate, as I think that better policies start from below, and I don't want to see another O'Connell street here as that is disgusting.

I am living here on this street into a loft/studio where I organize also events with artists and that I dedicate to the exploration of the International Art Community in Dublin

I wish to dedicate a next event to the park and before this is gone

If you have any planning permission or other plans that can be required, please let me know soon how I can have access to them

having many architects friends there will be no problem to read maps or planning permissions


Elisabetta Jacomini
aka McBett

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