International Criminal Justice Day

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Today we celebrate International Criminal Justice Day, anniversary of the adoption of the Rome Statute on 17 July 1998. And we celebrate the possibility of adding ecocide as a 5th crime under that Statute.


THIS IS IT.  The world is waking up to the logic of making ecocide an international crime. With the recent launch of the legal definition, it’s like a new technology becoming available after years of prototyping.  Press (small sample below) and political response has been amazing.

You have helped this to happen. From journalists to politicians, from lawyers to NGOs, from diplomats to grassroots supporters, everyone on this mailing list has played a part in the evolution of this conversation.  

And right now, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to seize the moment, to convert that global interest into political action. We are perfectly placed to do this and we already know how. And it will require a rapid expansion of our communication capacity.

History in the making - be a part of it!

So we’re calling on you to step up and help us to grow this newly-defined legal tool into the powerful, empowering, systemic intervention we all know it can be.  

You’ve seen the incredible milestones we’ve reached on minimal budgets.  Imagine what we could achieve now, with the world watching this space.  

it’s time to get truly transformational.  

  • If you haven’t yet donated, do it.  

  • If you can afford a recurring donation, do it.  

  • If you have one, and you can afford to double it, do it.  


A selection of media coverage:


Legal experts worldwide draw up ‘historic’ definition of ecocide.
Draft law is intended to prosecute offences against the environment.


Gibt es bald einen Paragrafen für Mord am Planeten?
Nach dem Genozid könnte auch die mutwillige Naturzerstörung als Straftatbestand festgeschrieben werden. Ein Expertengremium legt nun einen ersten Vorschlag vor.


‘Historic moment’: Legal experts unveil new definition of ecocide
Authors of draft law want ICC members to adopt it in order to hold big polluters, including world leaders and corporate bosses, to account.


The push to make 'ecocide' an international crime takes a big step forward
A proposed definition of "ecocide" aims to add mass environmental destruction to the list of crimes the International Criminal Court can prosecute.


Recognition of ecocide as an international crime gets support in the European Parliament
An expert panel brought together by the Stop Ecocide Foundation proposed this week to amend the statutes of the International Criminal Court


How new laws could help combat the planetary crisis
This week, legal experts defined and put forward a new proposed category of international crime - ‘ecocide.’


Crime of ecocide could transform fight against climate change
The threat of international legal repercussions for mass environmental destruction is gathering pace


What it means if 'ecocide' becomes an international crime
By Jojo Mehta, Opinion contributor


Political impact has also been notable: in Belgium a resolution has been submitted to the parliamentary Foreign Affairs committee; in Bangladesh the committee on Environment, Forests & Climate change has recommended the government consider it; the Caribbean is being urged to take it seriously. An amendment using the full definition was proposed to the UK Environment Bill, and Chile’s Chamber of Deputies passed a resolution asking the government to support the definition & propose an amendment to the ICC Statute.

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