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Good Wolf and native Americans

Written in Projects: 05/12/13, 00:46:31 by jonathan  | Print article  | View all categories.
Good Wolf and native Americans|jonathan|1368344791|



An elder from the White Earth Tribe of Minnesota shared with Good Wolf that his tribe feels connected and akin to the wolf---in fact it has always been deeply believed that what happens to the wolf, happens to his tribe. He shared that he and his tribal representatives attended the meetings and fought for the wolves in Minnesota. In general, it seems their pleadings went unheard. One thing is for sure --- there will be no wolf hunt on the land reservations of Native Americans. Granted sovereignty so many years ago----they can and did refuse to allow wolf hunting on their lands. The wolf is considered to be 'brethren' of this tribe and spiritual in connection. The belief seems to bear a lot of truth --- "what happens to wolves, happens to Native Americans" ----- one just has to look at the history of this country. Tribes of people and packs of wolves were savagely slaughtered. Native Americans and their brethren wolf did not 'fit in' with the plans of the European man who wanted to 'tame' what was already much more civilized.One of the first goals on our itinerary (when Good Wolf's pending non-profit comes through) will be to help the White Earth Tribe to get their educational program off the ground concerning their youth and their traditional connection with the mighty wolf.