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Etsy Bans Endangered Animal Products
SuccessThe popular online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods has announced a formal policy change banning the sale of items made from endangered species. The company decided on the change after animal welfare activists started a petition on Care2 asking them to protect endangered wildlife. Read more.

Gina McCarthy Confirmed As Head Of EPA
SuccessMcCarthy’s appointment is a huge victory for the millions of Americans who want the EPA to cut carbon pollution - the single largest source of airborne toxins. McCarthy has years of experience with the EPA and a proven track record of bipartisan leadership, so hopes are high she will usher in an era of both cooperation and environmental health. 
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India Bans Animal Testing for Cosmetics
SuccessIn a landmark victory for animals in labs, India has announced that it will implement a ban on animal testing for cosmetics, which makes it the first country in South Asia to do so. Hopefully India's actions will set an example for other countries that still allow animal testing for cosmetics despite the existence of humane alternatives.

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