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Philippine Airline Victory
 Success! Philippine Airlines Stops Trafficking Primates

FacebookTwitterAfter a vigorous PETA campaign, the airline has agreed to stop shipping monkeys to laboratories to be tortured in cruel and deadly animal tests.

Wild animals will no longer suffer in Belgian circuses Bravo! Belgium to Ban Circuses That Use Wild Animals

FacebookTwitterA new Belgian law will save giraffes, elephants, camels and other animals from being used and abused for "entertainment". Here in the UK, we need to take action to ensure that the full ban on wild animals in circuses goes ahead.

Chickens will be spared confinement on cruel factory farm Victory! Cruel Chicken Factory Farm Scrapped

FacebookTwitterThousands of you wrote to Worcestershire Council opposing plans for an intensive broiler chicken farm. Your voices were heard! The application has been withdrawn, saving 80,000 birds from misery.

Activists bring 'dead geese' to Fortum & Mason Lord Mayors Are Proud to Be Faking It

FacebookTwitterWell done to all the compassionate councils up and down the country that have put animals first by using faux fur for their ceremonial robes! Help us persuade your council to do the same.

 Good News! Helping the Planet, Your Health and Animals Is Easy

FacebookTwitterGoing vegan reduces your carbon footprint, helps you live longer and saves animals' lives. Order our free vegetarian/vegan starter kit to embark on a more ethical diet today.

Our new ad exposing Fortnum & Mason Morrissey vs. Gordon Ramsay

FacebookTwitterAn outspoken musician, a foul-mouthed chef and a 10,000 legal settlement find out the surprising story behind our latest ad exposing the cruelty of foie gras.

 source peta.org.uk