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MONSANTO- say no to

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MONSANTO- say no to|jonathan|1376330450|

A message from the campaign


The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Itís not really about trade. Itís about creating a back door for corporations to get what they want. What do they want? Bigger profits. Lower food safety standards. Fewer rights and lower pay for workers. Fewer environmental regulations. Fast and loose financial regulations. Internet censorship. Did we mention bigger profits?

Watch the video: http://links.causes.com/s/clLJwD?r=o8SA

Learn more: http://links.causes.com/s/clLJwJ?r=o8SA

Tell President Obama and U.S. Trade Rep. Michael Froman: Trade Agreements Shouldn't Be Secret!

TAKE ACTION: http://links.causes.com/s/clLJwV?r=o8SA


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