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Niskrity Foundation
Dear Sir/ Madam,
 Greetings from Primary Health Care Organization Rajshahi Niskrity in Bangladesh. I feel privileged to your honor for active and sympathetic consideration. I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that ours is an organization working at the grassroots for good governance, human rights and good health of the people, particularly disadvantaged groups, indigenous people, women and children.  Niskrity also working for ecological democracy, environmental protection and prevention of environmental threats. Bangladesh as a country seriously lacks good governance in the local levels consequently the poor, the distressed and women suffer a lot.
Our organization called Women Liberation and Rehabilitation Society is working since 1986 in 4 Sub- districts of Rajshahi State Bangladesh . We have worked in several activities like. At the same time we need financial support.
 Primary Health Care Organization Rajshahi Niskrity in Bangladesh an NGO which depends on funds form donor agencies.  So, please agree this e-mail and give us an opportunity to work with you or if you know any other funding agencies please help us. Looking forward to cooperation from your good offices and a sharp reply.

Best regards

Sincerely yours

S.A.Aziz (M.S.S)
Monitoring Officer
Belder Para , Rajshahi-6100
Please visit our Website: http://www.gadalliance.net/buf_niskrity.htm

The Gender and Development (GAD) Alliance is a national platform of 13 local networks across the country and it aims to establish a democratic and just society, which is predominated by gender equality, human rights, and good governance. Likewise, Steps Towards Development and its 13 partners across the country share the same dream. In order to accomplish that dream, Steps and its network partners took the initiative to establish a joint mechanism to intensify and strengthen their effort through reflecting, sharing, and replicating local experiences at national and International levels.

At present, more than 100,000 general people are associated with GAD Alliance, which is working through 124 member organizations belonging to 13 networks of Steps Towards Development. These are spread across 18 districts of Bangladesh. At present, GAD Alliance works as a platform for the general people to voice their demands, and at the same time it acts as a hub of organizations and general people to share their experiences with each other. Through this platform, the networks are organizing programmes like celebrating special days, organizing rallies, workshops, sharing meetings, dialogues, etc. Activities such as development of documentaries & videos and distribution of material to prevent domestic violence and violence against women are also being executed through the efforts of the Networks under the umbrella of GAD Alliance.