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UGANDA CRY FOR HELP|jonathan|1229801916|      from      jonathan muwanguzi <jnbanunule@yahoo.com>
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John Haughton
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William Maher
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Life in developing world is totally different from that in developed  world mostly in addressing afflicting points in one of the   nations community.

The 10 years experience in caring for the   orphans in a developing world, I have gone through a lot of tests /struggles without a funding  person except the only 30 acres of land that has been the main and only  funding source sustaining these kids who are beyond 150 in number.  We use to plant   maize, cassava, rice, sweet potato, yams, beans and

We sell part and survive on   the balance as the sold part is for books,  simple clothing and beddings for the kids,(that's the life of Ugandan child and more worse in other developing world i.e.Zimbabwe.). Many disasters have befallen on us while the government has done very  little to address them to the   maximum which among others include, wars,  floods, and   thetotal poverty on the   increasing number of community orphan   child caused by different disasters. Orphans in the villages of the developing world can make everyone to  shed tears including the administrations,( in having classes under tree shade, wearing rugs, and sleeping in congestions , risky for early mothers and others..) that's why in Africa many   fathers  do a lot evil accts to the people they take care of (i.e.child sacrificing, human trafficking, and children soldiers e.t.c)

GEnerally it needs  to develop everything, GOD blessed us with like Land,garden and farming sector to make us stand for the future helping the whole comunity, hence sending light to the  world through targeting the young generation, ensuring that the big and free Land which we and other developing world have in plenty, fully provides both funds and  foods for survival.(The  Land requires DEVELMENT AND INVOLVEMENT OF OTHER VALUNARABLE GRUOPS OF THE COMMUNITY  to focus on  seeds planting only which shall be all placed in the sector and the out come will be making the orphans and other valunarable groups  strugle with energy to servive and meet other requirements  and on this target we expect to include the widows, single mother and disable in pre- project of sustainable agriculture and food security more advise needed on this paragraph).And as per now we are fully encouraging the next years activities.

And as my topic is, the developing world orphans are   internationally  forgotten with no one caring and for the few who cares they want to put  us together at the same level with  this who is in developed world. The  center reached   to 210 children/ orphaned people who joined the  year 2008 and we have to maneuver to ensure that they're not kicked out to
street life as 2009 will bring more number due to the rising  problems and difficulty in  in developing world and caring for the orphan child that includes a lot emphasis in many areas OF LIVING. For us we think the only emphasis on the available matereials (i.e Land)   may yield a lot in both food for survival and funds for other necessities but still.

We are  looking for solution / advise to enable us achieve our laid strategies of  caring for orphans since the situation at the center needs attention and as Uganda position in development needs   total  effort to sustain such centers. The given Advise shall be shared at the African Coutries Orphan and child traficking  and living in 2009 meeting.

Can you advise Banunule orphanage administration on the way of taking
the orphans a step further? And what is your advice?

Jonathan Bruce Muwanguzi
Center   Administrator
P.O.BOX 71111
email jnbanunule@yahoo.com
pysical contact:
we are located at
Nakitokolo Village 30 miles along Hoima road
Namyumba sub county.

NB This letter has just been received and Forest Friends would like to help, and if there are people who view this email and would like to help to devise an adequate response, please contact Forest Friends.
John Haughton