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Kimberly-Clark:  Blow Ancient Forests on KleeNEX

Written in Projects: 02/25/09, 12:24:17 by jonathan  | Print article  | View all categories.
Kimberly-Clark:  Blow Ancient Forests on KleeNEX|jonathan|1235593457|Kimberly-Clark: Don't Blow Ancient Forests on Kleenex
There's no excuse for destroying ancient forests -- especially when the forests are used to make disposable products such as tissues and toilet paper. That's why a growing chorus of customers, companies, and universities are asking Kimberly-Clark to:
Stop purchasing fiber from endangered forests;
Drastically increase the amount of recycled fiber they use for all of their tissue products, including Kleenex brand toilet paper, facial tissue and napkins; and
Buy all non-recycled fiber from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests to ensure it is produced in a responsible manner.
In an attempt to allay concerns over its role in the destruction of endangered forests, Kimberly-Clark recently released a new fiber policy. Unlike other corporate fiber policies, Kimberly-Clark's has a number of fatal flaws, including:
No safeguards for endangered forests, including the North American Boreal;
No agreements to increase the use of recycled paper in Kleenex brand products; and
No measurable commitment to Forest Stewardship Council certified fiber.
Take action >>Tell Kimberly-Clark's CEO, Thomas Falk, and President of Consumer Products, Steve Kalmanson, that you want Kimberly-Clark to stop destroying ancient forests, and that you will avoid Kimberly-Clark products until they meet with Greenpeace to start making real changes.

Step 2: Read the letter we've provided. Feel free to edit it.
Dear Mr. Kalmanson, Mr. Falk,