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Butterfly wings inspire waterproof coating ...

Written in Studies: 11/05/12, 14:13:31 by admin  | Print article  | View all categories.
An ambitious professor Shu Yang, from the University of Pennsylvania recently developed a material, which imitates the water-resistant and iridescent properties of the wings of butterfly, with the help of holographic lithography.

Yang used holographic lithography to recreate the reflective properties of the butterfly wing. Using a laser to make a 3D cross-linked pattern a structure is created that mimics the structure that makes butterfly wings water-resistant. This coating can be applied to anythin from electrical components to fabric to paper making them "<i>hydrophobic</i>".

More details on Shu Yangs developments <a href="http://www.thenewecologist.com/2012/10/scientist-develops-waterproof-coatings-for-solar-panels" target="blank">can be found here</a>.